About Us

From humble beginnings…

One thing that kept our Chief Executive focussed as he worked alone in the early years of a tiny basement office in Bridge Street, Newport was this.

Knowledge and experience are powerful tools, but personal service in a world of call-centres and impersonal interaction was bound to be a compelling factor in choices people made regarding their pension schemes.

As many will know, growing a business based on a ‘supposition’ is hard work, but as time went on word spread… person to person… and the business grew.

…to the present day

Those early years at Alltrust taught us an important lesson. No matter how far technology progresses, no matter what gadgets have been invented, people prefer dealing with people.

Over the years, it came as no surprise to us that we also enjoyed having that personal contact with our clients. Our business thrives on creating relationships and providing as high a level of service as we can.

Our challenge has been, and will always be, to maintain that focus as our business grows. What might be easy in early years can prove challenging as time goes on. It makes sense to rationalise, compartmentalise, and introduce all those other ‘attractive’ efficiencies.

Not us. We therefore tightly control numbers of schemes and always ensure that we have Consultants to provide for them.

13 years on, we believe that thus far we have succeeded. We now employ 14 Consultants, operating in substantial offices between Cardiff and Newport, handling around 1000 Schemes in total, and still with that same simple philosophy.