Alltrust Risk Profiling Questionnaire

Alltrust Services Limited Risk Profiler is designed to help your adviser and you to work out your attitude to risk & capacity for loss in conjunction with your required investment time horizon. This is then used to identify your investment profile. The process examines your needs and your willingness to accept market risk and to endure fluctuations in portfolio values in order to achieve your investment goals.

Please note that Alltrust does not give financial or tax advice and cannot recommend a product for you. Any recommendations must come from your adviser or be your written instruction. This questionnaire is purely to help your adviser and you decide what your attitude to risk is at the present time.

How to use the Questionnaire

This questionnaire should be completed by you. Please read each question carefully and select the answer that best matches your view. Depending on what your answer is, you will have various numbers in the “score” column. These are then recorded and the questionnaire provides you with a risk profile at the end of the process.

Your financial adviser will bring part 2 of the risk profiling questionnaire to your next meeting. Using your allocated risk profile your adviser will be able to establish your attitude to risk (ATR). Once this has been done, your adviser will be able to discuss with you what the appropriate investment would be for you. If you have no adviser please contact the Alltrust team and we will be able to assist you, your score and responses will automatically be recorded.

Scam Warning

Please be aware of scammers purporting to be representing The Resort Group, GPG Partnership (formerly Dolphin), Storefirst or Rowanmoor and any administrator / liquidator representing them.  Click here for more details.

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