Family/Group SIPP

The Alltrust Group SIPP is a standalone pension arrangement designed for small groups of individuals. Typically, those individuals will be connected to each other either as family members or as business partners.

The Alltrust Group SIPP caters for similar investment and retirement flexibility as the Alltrust SIPP, and is designed for situations where it may be more appropriate to operate the pension scheme on a collective basis rather than as individual schemes.

A group scheme can be more cost effective than a series of individual arrangements. Assets are typically held as a ‘common pool’ which can offer additional flexibility in terms of investment or retirement where individuals have differing needs.

Financial Advice

SIPPs are complex and we believe individuals require professional financial advice before proceeding with the establishment of a SIPP. We cannot and do not offer financial or investment advice ourselves, and individuals leave themselves exposed to serious financial risk if they do not receive expert guidance.

Your financial adviser should always be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Literature and Forms

Because the Alltrust Group SIPP is a standalone pension scheme, the documentation needs to be prepared by one of our Consultants. Your financial adviser will need to contact us and provide details of the names and addresses of each of the Members, together with the choice of name for the Scheme.

Key Features and Fee Information is, however, available on this page.

The Alltrust Model

As with all our products, our SIPPs are designed to cater for service and flexibility. All of our clients are allocated a Consultant to assist them with their pension scheme providing a direct and single point of contact.

Fees are charged on a fixed basis to provide clarity to clients and advisers. We don’t take any additional earnings from bank account interest or commissions, nor do we obtain introduction fees from any third parties.

If you are interested in our products, please speak to your financial adviser.