COVID 19–Our Arrangements

COVID 19–alltrust arrangements

In these tumultuous times it will come as no surprise to you that we are taking the measures outlined in this communication.

The health and safety of our Team at alltrust, the clients and their advisers is of paramount importance to us. At the same time, we would like to try and ensure that we provide you with the same level of bespoke service that you expect from us or, as close to that as possible under the circumstances.

Thus from, 20 March 2020, there will only be skeleton staff at our office who will deal with all the post and other related matters and continue to provide the service to you. Other Consultants will work remotely and will deal with everything as they usually do in a fashion as near as possible to normal.

All phone calls and emails will be attended and communications dealt with, hopefully, minimal disruption. Should you need to then please do contact your Consultant as you would normally.

Also, until further notice, all meetings in person and visits to the Office are suspended. Should there be anything else we can practically do to assist then do please say.

Under these exceptional circumstances we appreciate your patience and understanding.