Our fees

Our Fees

In comparing providers, many people choose to simply look at the headline fees being charged and make their choice based mainly on that.
This is, of course, a natural thing to do.

What many people don’t appreciate, however, is that other things can affect the cost of the plan. The provider who offers a low-level fee may also be ‘earning’
additional income from various investments, including bank accounts and fund platforms, which their clients have.

Our philosophy when it comes to charging fees is straight-forward. We do not benefit from any cuts, any commissions, or any referral fees.

We charge a fixed fee for the work that we undertake and that, quite simply, is that.

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  • Full SIPP allowing considerable flexibility in terms of investment and retirement

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  • Standalone SIPP designed for Family or Business Partners. Full investment and retirement flexibility

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  • Scheme designed for Family or Business Partners who are employed. Full investment and retirement flexibility

Conversion SASS
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  • Service to cater for the takeover or conversion of existing Schemes, turning them into an
    Alltrust SSAS

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